Lightning Protection

Lightning is Dangerous and Costly

If you have ever been outside in a lightning storm you instinctively know that lightning is dangerous. Each year in the United States alone, close to 400 people get seriously injured and building damage worth over $200 million, is caused by lightning strikes. Additionally, insurance companies pay claims worth billions of dollars, for lightning-related damages and injuries. The good news is there are ways to minimize these dangerous events.

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Different Types of Lightning Strikes

It may come as a surprise, but not all lightning strikes are the same. There are two different types of lightning. It’s beneficial to distinguish which of the two is more dangerous. Although visually alike, here are the two different types of lightning:

Cloud-to-Ground: This type of lightning is common and is likely the kind of lightning you can observe during a regular thunderstorm. Cloud-to-ground (CG) lightning is characterized by a steeped leader formation which occurs when positive and negative charges collide, generating a bolt of energy.

Cloud to Cloud: Cloud flashes are less dangerous strikes that do not touch the ground but remain in the cloud in which they form. Unlike CG lightning, it is more of a concern for different kinds of aircraft than it is for people on the ground.

In A Modern World, Modern Methods Are Needed

Just because your building was not directly struck does not mean that you are not susceptible to indirect damage through the infrastructure of a community. With everything running off of the internet and smart buildings on the rise, protecting the infrastructure of a building is paramount. For buildings that may be housing electrical equipment, an indirect lightning strike can cause significant damage. This is especially true if proper procedures were not followed when electrical systems were installed. All South Lightning Protection specializes in protecting your commercial property with bonding and grounding, structural and surge protection.



Why Choose All South

Part of the reason All South Lightning Protection Inc. is at the forefront of lightning protection is due to our dedicated staff who only focus on lightning-related work. Their only focus is lightning related safety. Once they visit a site, they will work on a comprehensive plan that is tailor-made for that particular work site. The success rate of All South says it all. Areas in which our solutions have been implemented have seen a decrease in lightning strikes. In fact, even in areas where customers did not take advantage of All South’s complete solutions, and only opted for basic services, lightning strikes and damage still decreased by as much as 75%!

All South Lightning Protection Inc. is a stickler for following rules and guidelines. The products and work done by the company are done according to the guidelines set forth by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Underwriter Laboratories, and the Lightning Protection Institute. The NFPA releases a document known as document # 780 every three years, which is the national design guide for everything lightning protection.

Contact All South Lightning Protection Inc. For Lightning Protection

It is well known that businesses and homes are constantly plagued by thunderstorms. For commercial buildings, healthcare, government facilities, Sports Complexes, Military, and the oil and gas industry, this is even more of a major concern. For contractors and managers looking to defend their employees and properties against lightning, contact All South Lightning Protection Inc. today at to learn more about lightning protection.

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