Lightning Protection System
Preventative Maintenance and inspections

When your lightning protection system was designed, your lightning protection design engineer may have used the best materials and taken into consideration measures to prevent corrosion and damage. However, even the greatest lightning protection systems require routine maintenance and inspections.

Over time the system may get damaged by nature. Corrosion, lightning strikes, extreme weather conditions, wear-and-tear all affect the ability of the Lightning protection System. As buildings and equipment are serviced by different contractors and vendors; Lightning Protection often gets removed, displaced, or damaged.

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ULs are valid for only 5 years. Preventors require annual inspections.

Even the best lightning protection systems (LPS) require regular maintenance and inspection, otherwise it will not be effective. Our recommendation is that all lightning protection systems should be tested and inspected every year.

Regular maintenance of lightning protection systems can greatly reduce wear and strain. Furthermore, in order to remain consistent with design standards, both the physical and electrical features of a lightning protection system must be maintained. Buildings change and have features added that may affect the functionality of the Lightning Protection System and will require the implementation of new Lightning Protection components.

All Lightning protection and surge checks are performed by our lightning protection system experts in accordance with all current industry regulations and guidelines.

Protecting your Investment

If you believe that a lightning strike has damaged your building, All South offers free quotations for the implementation of a new system to protect your building. When an evaluation of an already installed system is needed, All South offers a comprehensive inspection package that includes testing and reporting of grounding systems, inspections of the rooftop system with a report of findings, and recertification after subsequent repairs have been made for a nominal fee. Please feel free to schedule an appointment today.

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